by Spirit Temple



Cooper Creel (Spirit Temple) has been a close friend of ours for years and has been an inspiration since day one. He is a symbol of home for us and so it's only fitting that we find solace in his music. It is an honor to help him the way he helped us.

Dave & Will


released October 23, 2013

special thanks to producer, Damon Moon, and photographer, Deanna Maslamani.



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Track Name: Akudama
In a path on the river stone, on a night when the moss had grown.
In a field where the archers go, for their meals, where they string their bows.

All the trees grow for you, and the wolves howl for moon.
Track Name: Parvati Raksha
Mountains call my name downward, downward.
Silence makes me whole I know, I know.
Plant-life grows here this time of year.
Rare flower, night bloom, dark wild, dark moon.

I sleep the riverbed soundly, soundly, eyes on fire.
Black mountain melody calls me, calls me back to you.
Track Name: Baba-Yaga: The Wise Woman of Fire
I was, will be fire-form seedling.
I come from nothing.
Spellbound potion, soft ground by the ocean,
Mars calls to wake the dead. lalala!

How long till the witches fly, witches fly, witches fly?
How long till we're all caved in?
How long will the walls support the weight?
I long for the moon to grow, moon to grow, moon to grow,
I call on the elders now, I call on the elders to sing loudly, loudly, loudly, loudly lalala