This Is Animal Music

by Look Mexico



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We caught wind of Look Mexico's desire to reissue their album, This Is Animal Music (2007), so we talked with them a little and decided to team up for a hot little run of tapes. We'll be handling Canadian distribution for this particular little gem. If you're stateside (US), please visit Holy Hell's store at



released January 18, 2014



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Track Name: You Come into My House, While I Sleep
Sleep now, but remember to wake up.
Up, wake up, wake up and remember.
Live clean and breathe free.
The day is just a time to sleep with the lights on.

Ringing, the door is opening.
The kite just spreads it's wings and surrounds us.

Just dream and let me,
Let me guide you through to the other hillside.

Come on, get a grip and close your eyes with me.
A story's not a story 'til you've made it up, you see?

You can't start changing minds until you've changed your own.

So c'mon and change with me.
Track Name: It's Been a Long Time Since I Smelled Beautiful
When we're out, you whine about your back.
Maybe you strained it. And it hurt.
Man I've been there too.

Cause we bent, bent over backwards.
And it hurt, but you knew it would.

Will you compromise, or will you say what's on your mind this time?
Will you smile for me? Or will you say what's on your mind? This time...

But we're not, we're not keeping quiet.
So if you think you're ready...

It's our time now.
Track Name: I Promise We'll Swing for the Fences
Well you say that will and and you won't.
And I've come to think that you're insincere.

Will you come with me?
A structure as strong as mine just can't be struck down.

No, not this time.

Straighten up.
We know you're not a liar.
Awaken where you are.
Awaken where you are.

You've got to understand we've known
That you've been mistaking who you are.
Mistaking who you are.

Come in or stay out. I don't care.
It's wearing thin and I'm growing out of this.
Stop acting wise and just have a clue.

We are watching you.

Say that you will, and you won't.
Track Name: I Had a Wrench, And I Hit Him
When you unveil your teeth,
You happen to unsheathe a sword that punctures my side.

Cause we all know that it's all just a show to feel better
about yourself when I return the favor.
Track Name: Watch out for This
Wait for it.
You know it'll be there.
Waiting to call you, tonight.
Track Name: You Ever Get Punched in the Face for Talking Too Much?
Wait for it come. You'll know when it's begun.
So just wait for it to come.

Young hands fist and ringe, waiting to get out.
While caterpillars curl and squirm inside the belly.

As your eyes turn green, your stomach does as well.
While a heart that once was gold, now looks of silver.

Wait for it to come.

An old man smacks his child in the face.

He says, "Calm your blood down son.
We've all worked hard to reach our special places.
It all worked out, we just had to wait for it to come."
Track Name: Me and My Dad Built Her
The heart of youth and growing needs, is an argument.
This invention, the mighty wheel. How it changed us all.

And I realize that tonight could be the last time I will know this.
Walls once adorned with pictures and writing.
But the warmth that's inside begs me to remember.
That warmth, while nice, cannot sustain me.

Farther, longer.

Here it is, here it all is.

Macrame and plastic toys.
Track Name: Not on My Watch
And you see the problem starts with unadulterated parts that seemed so new before.
Can't you see that I can't stand to be pushed back again so you can hang, hang out.

You're to blame cause I'm not gonna ask myself.

Now that I have been had our deadlines have all gone bad,
and we're too late for fame.
Too used to get up sitting with ducks and luck I can't speak.

We're too late, cause I'm not gonna ask myself.

I'm too weak cause I'm not gonna ask myself.
Track Name: Done and Done
You can be lighthearted, but you can't be funny.
You can make a struggle, but you won't make money.
You can scream, but you can't be loud.
You might smile, but you can't act proud.

So call your ears out, and tell them to quite.
Since you eyeballs work, theres no use for them.
Just sit around and do what they want,
cause they'll tell it straight, and they'll say it blunt.

So strip your organs, and hang them to dry.
But spare your fingers and point to the sky.
It won't be weird and, it won't be silly.

Cause you're still intact, and you look so pretty.

Come away for me.
Track Name: Half That Money is Mine, And I Want It
Save the last one for me.
Track Name: I Like Being a Millionaire, You Will Too, Believe Me
So you'd think that if I grew out my hair,
I'd have a bigger place to live in.
Without rooms to separate us.
Without our brains shutting down.

To be open is to be irrelevant.
And warmth is just potential.

Streaming into tired comments, and out a hoarse mouth.

Recount the day, and I'll give you a dollar.

Give me the juice and I'll squeeze the fruit.