Confessed to Them as Friends

by Names

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released August 28, 2013

June 2013
Recorded by Alex Williams at Stack Your Roster HQ
Mastered by Carlos Juarez, remastered as of Nov. 11, 2013
Photo by Cat Lamoureux



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Track Name: Confessed to Them as Friends
Confessed to them as friends
They showed you new love
And taught you how to cry
Within a summer's good
If I could say to you..."The context has changed."

I'd never thought you'd be two thousand miles away.
Perhaps years later the ties I couldn't savour, the weight and distress of leaving it behind...
would all make sense -- crestfallen towards death without accomplishment.
We'd be happy finally back together.

I'm sorry but I'm not here.
Protect the fort while I'm gone
I may be back some day...
I'm sorry but I'm not here.